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What is Holistic Coaching?

Sometimes I come across this question, "what do you mean by holistic coaching?"

Well, here is holistic coaching in a nutshell:

When I talk about holistic coaching, it means teaching yoga combined with breath work (Pranayama and control over the breath), meditation skills (to the point of becoming self sufficient in practice), yoga asanas (or the physical practices) and dietary suggestions.

The recognition of each individual's specific needs and goals in their journey of health and wellness is vitally important, and a holistic coach takes these elements into consideration when designing asana sequences to for every client, helping them create and maintain healthy routines through simple and small steps which fits their unique lifestyle.

The holistic approach can also include health and dietary suggestions (based on the different hormonal needs for men and women). These suggestions are actually based on Ayurveda, the ancient Indian nutrition and medicinal knowledge.

These skills and routines help those who choose this method of health and wellness, find natural ways in taking better care of themselves, finding their way back to their natural self and the inner peace and happiness that is constantly within us.

All in all, a holistic coach is there to help you elevate your experience of life in the most natural and simple ways!


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