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One-on-One Holistic Living

Sometimes the most important part of our journey is to get to know ourselves and find out what does and does not work for us as a unique individual!

So how do we do this?

First we start by understanding our needs for this journey;
we set goals;
create and maintain routines;
and keep taps on the process;
make changes and adjustments when necessary!


The One-on-One Holistic Living course, is a program based on these principles. Meaning that, it is tailored to your needs as an individual on a unique path; it takes your needs and goals into consideration and as your guide, I will always be there to support you!

The ultimate goal of this program is to help you elevate your experience of life and find your way into inner peace and happiness.

Remember, it's a journey!

Jungle Mountain View

What does the course include?

The program includes:

  • A 30-minute online meeting

  • 8 sessions based on mutually agreed timeline

  • Each session 75 to 90 minutes

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Who can benefit from this course?

Based on its adjustability, this program can fit anyone regardless of their background in yoga, body type or level of flexibility.


So, if you are:
  • in the beginning of your journey, or

  • just need a guided boost on your path, or

  • trying to create a healthy routine/lifestyle, or

  • curious and ready to take on a new journey should try this out!

All it requires from you is commitment and curiosity!

Planting a Tree

Fee for the course: 3000 SEK

Let’s Work Together

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