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1:1 Online Yoga Course for Busy Professionals

How often to you find yourself thinking:

"I should really get up and stretch a bit right now..." 

Yet, you finish your day being locked to your desk as if any minute moved away, is a lost one.




I know you might be feeling like your life is just too busy to fit in ANYTHING else. 

Is it really too busy to prioritise your health though? 

Well, it is my vision that every individual should have access to wellness in a holistic manner.

Nurturing our mind, body and soul is our right on earth and our responsibility to practice, so we can live happy, balanced and beautiful lives!

Yoga at Home

I challenge you...

Put aside those beliefs that you are too inflexible to really do any sport. 

Put aside the belief that yoga is only for skinny, vegan, hippie women who have been to gymnastics in their childhood and practice handstands daily.... 

Free yourself from the thought that you have no control over changing your life. Changing your routines. Changing your lifestyle.

This is where I come in :) 
It is my passion to help you get up from your desk chair. 
To find the right exercises that slowly but securely help you find new routines, increase your physical health, expand your flexibility and FINALLY 

... getting rid of those tension pains, in your shoulders, your lower back, your arms etc.

How do you know that this programme suits just you?

  • Once in a while, you do find yourself pondering about your health. 

  • Once in a while, you admit that your current lifestyle isn't sustainable. 

  • Once in a while, you wish you had the time to stretch more, move more, exercise. 

Deep down, you know that you just have to start an active routine.

People working on computers

The Details

What the programme includes

1:1 Online/In-person session to find out your goals and individual needs to adjust the course to your individual needs

10 weeks (x3 per week) of online/in-person sessions based on your possibilities

Dietary suggestions for creating healthy routines

Self-reflection and meditation exercises

Breathing techniques selected to help you reach your goals


Individual support throughout and afterwards the course

Your investment: 3000 SEK

Let’s Work Together

Send me a message if you feel this could help you!

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