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What Yoga is all about

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Yoga is commonly mistaken with the postures called asanas. Asanas are only one of the fantastic and famous Eight Limbs of Yoga. Of course practicing asanas is beneficial to your health if done regularly, but in order to benefit from yoga’s holistic approach in your daily life, you should include what is suggested in other aspects of yoga.

In other words, ‘’to do yoga’’ as often it is referred to means other than practicing asanas, your daily life should also include the following: Yama (integrity and ethical system); Niyama (self discipline and spiritual observance); Pratyahara (mindful abstinence); Dharana (concentration); Dhyana (meditation); and Samadhi (a sense of ecstasy). The short description in parentheses is a very shallow and non-inclusive definition.

In Green Earth Yoga, I design the programmes as packages. I try to include as many of those aspects as possible, changing them and fitting to your individual requirements on your journey.


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